The Next Step

As we stated earlier, we are happy that you chose to worship with us.  We now invite you to take the Next Step!  Now that you have become familiar with White Street we invite you to consider these three simple things:
  1. Intentionally Engage in Worship – On Sunday morning we have two opportunities to worship God with our brothers and sisters.  We simply ask that you make it a priority to participate in one of our Sunday Morning Worship Events.
  2. Intentionally Engage in Learning – On Wednesday we have two opportunities to study & learn the Word of God.  Our Noon Bible Study and Worship Wednesday are our mid-week worship and learning events.  The Noon Bible Study is a small group of believers that come together to learn of God’s word usually during their lunch break.  Worship Wednesday however is a power-packed hour of worship and teaching where you are free to be as relaxed as you desire to be and simply focus on worship and learning.  We encourage you to come and experience this fun relaxed atmosphere where Pastor Jamal, along with other speakers, focus in detail on practical everyday methods of applying the Word of God in your life.
  3. Commit to Membership – Once you intentionally engage in worship and learning, it is our prayer that you will continue in your walk and become a member of our Faith Family.  Becoming a member means that you are making a commitment to partner with us in walking out our faith and sharing the message of Jesus Christ throughout this church, this community, and the entire world.