The Membership Journey

Becoming a member of a church is an important step in your walk with Christ.  Church membership is twofold in that it is spiritual and physical.  A prerequisite of becoming a member of The Church is salvation.  Once you have believed in your heart and Confessed with your mouth that God raised Jesus from the dead, the bible says, that you shall be saved.  Having a saving faith in Christ, you should confess the same before the world and be Baptized
After baptism you should connect with a body of believers (church membership) in order to live, love, and learn together.  Church membership is then symbolic of your becoming a member of the Spiritual Body of Christ and your commitment to become a member of the Physical Body of Christ. 
This is the first step of your walk with Christ, however it won’t be your last.  It is our desire to walk with you along this journey, and be right there with you step by step. 

Consider the following four steps that are essential in your walk with Christ…

  1. Membership – Becoming a member of the local church is symbolic of your Faith in Christ and your commitment to become a member of the earthly Body of Christ.
  2. Discipleship – Once you are a member of a local church the next step is to become a follower of Christ.  Once we have faith we must be intentional in our pursuit of the knowledge of Christ and all that he commanded.
  3. Relationship – As we learn of Christ we must also live for Christ.  We are not to be hearers of the word only, but doers as well.  As believers we must live a life that honors Christ and serves our fellow believers.
  4. Leadership – Living for Christ leads us to Loving our neighbors.  So much so that God develops a heart in us that is compassionate to the needs of people.  The primary need of all men is a loving relationship with Christ. Knowing this, it must be our mission to Share the Love of Christ with men and to Lead them to Him. 
As member of our Faith Family we desire that each person progress along this journey that we all have undertaken.  We pray that each member move from membership, to discipleship, from discipleship to relationship, and from relationship into leadership.